Amarillo Bird Dog Club Inc.

Amarillo Bird Dog Club

Training and Trial Grounds


Date March 1,2015

1. No person under the age 18 may be a member of the Amarillo Bird Dog club although we do encourage family participation. The parent must be a member and accompany their children to the club.

2. No person under the age of 18 will be allowed to handle a firearm on the club grounds without a club member, a parent, or a guardian, who is a club member and must be with them to assume responsibility for their actions.

3. AVAILABILITY: You may use the grounds 365 days of the year, except when a field trial is in progress. During field trails the entire grounds will be considered in use by the trial. Training, exercising dogs, or shooting will not be allowed during trials by anyone other than participants.

4. ACCESS: Entrance to the lease is located on FM 683. Driving on the grounds is restricted! There should be no vehicle west of the fence just west of the windmill or north of the fence just north of the blind. Atv's only and a highway vehicle to fill up the water tubs in the fields.
All parking will be south and east of theses' fences.

5. BIRDS: Games birds must be banded with our permit No.6908.

6. HUNTING LEASE: Each member must have a current Texas Hunting License which is a requirement of our Texas Parks and Wildlife Permit.

7. FIREARMS: Only Shotguns and blank pistols are allowed on the lease.

8. GUEST: A guest who owns a dog may accompany a member up to 3 times in one year. You are responsible for your guest’s action.

9. TRAINING AND FIELD TRIAL AREAS: As of now the grounds west and north of the barbwire fences is open No shooting allow around the bird pen , windmill, water tank , Clubhouse, and barn! This ten acre (10) field is restricted to no guns or hunting or dog training with any gun except a blank!

10. WATER: Water for your dog can be obtained from the hydrant west of the bird pen.

11. FIRES: No fires except in Bar-B-Cue grills located in the designated areas.

12. GROUND KEEPING: Each of us will be responsible for removing our trash, used shells, and dead birds. Do not put dead birds in trash barrels take them with you 

3. ALTERATIONS TO GROUNDS: Fence cutting, removal or moving of physical items, mowing or other changes are to be done under supervision of grounds committee.

14. SKEET SHOOTING: Will not be allowed on the premises. Except for the land owner.

15. TRAINING: If member is working his dog on A, or B field, do not start working your dog in the same area, unless you are invited. DO NOT INVITE YOURSELF! Each member should rotate the field or area they are working their dogs in to give everyone the opportunity to all areas.

16.All members should wear Hunter Orange and or at least a
Hunter Orange
Cap or hat when in the field this promote safety for all!

17. All members must have their membership card when on the premises, as the land owner has the Carson County Sheriff's department and parks and wildlife game  wardens watching this land due to some trespassers in the past. This is a must to keep out of trouble if ever approached by either!

Enjoy the grass lease. Practice proper safety and good sportsmanship.

Please let the Board pf Directors know what improvements you would like to see. Our club now has a web site and a Facebook! You may visit the site at or Facebook Amarillo Bird Dog Club. You can also email us at