Amarillo Bird Dog Club Inc.
Club Pictures

This album is a showcase of club pictures.

Training Seminar
Pheasant Hunt
May 9, 2009
Rattlesnake Avoidance Training

Zach & 8 Ball 
8 Ball pointing a bone 
8 Ball On Point 
Bandit on Point in a Trial 
Bandit & Phil Bonsal on March 15th 
Patches on the hunt 
Patches on a Phasant 
Don't know if Martin shot the bird, but looks good trying 
Raz & Ellen 
Raz & Ellen 
Chester & Hannah 
EveryT~ 1 
Hannah and Puppys 
Hannah's pup(Puka)Ar... 
Nice covey of Quail 
Dusty and Wade 
Dusty on Point 
Wade with new puppy 
Rader on point looking good 
Rader holding point 
Red and BDW 
Molly and Wild Bob 
Red at a field trial.